In this episode, Jackie talks with Shondo Blades, artist, entertainer, and self-proclaimed gladiator! Shondo is an innovative, inspiring recording artist with released music that reflects the culture of hip-hop, and unreleased tracks which are a fusion of rock and country music genres. He has also been featured on TV and in over a dozen music videos. Maintaining his mantra, “1% better every day,” Shondo remains steadfast on his musical journey with the intention to touch ears and hearts around the world.

Listen as Jackie reconnects with Shondo and explores his biggest business challenge, to which so many can probably relate. How do you remain fully present for your business and current projects, while also planning for the future and anticipating upcoming trends? Shondo is a creative and a futurist who is actively seeking to discover ways that the metaverse can be a platform for his business model while also expanding his audience reach. Shondo’s magic stems from his ability to sell himself as a part of his product offering, another reminder as to the power of relationships.

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