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Chris Rasberry

In this episode, Jackie talks with Chris Rasberry, Director of the Install Base Sales Experience & Platform team within Global Sales at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).  In this role, he leads a team that delivers the data and CRM tool capabilities that help drive account activation for technology refresh, services contract renewals, and GreenLake consumption […]

Katie Noble

In this episode, Jackie talks with Katie Noble, Sales Executive for Blackink IT, a Managed Service and Security Provider located in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is responsible for leading company growth, customer acquisition, and ongoing brand development. A Hoosier by heart and by choice, Katie has built a deep network in the place she has always called home. Utilizing […]

Dr. Kim Nugent

In this episode, Jackie talks with Dr, Kim Nugent, an innovation leadership coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and founder of Kim Nugent Enterprises LLC. Additionally, Kim is the director of Talent and Organizational Development for Harris Health. She also received the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Top Professionals and was named One of Houston’s Most Influential […]

Lilian Wee

Mike Robinson

In this episode, Jackie talks with Mike Robinson, the Director of Digital Sales and Innovation & C Level Growth Advisor with the Jackie Lyles Group. Mike is a Sales and communication expert with a focus on C level Growth strategies. He has a history of success in retail furnishings and bedding, C level lead generation, digital marketing, […]