In this episode, Jackie talks with Brad Harwick, Managing Partner for Aristotle Partners, a management consultancy serving as fractional executives for small to medium-sized businesses in the areas of Growth Strategy & Execution and Talent Development. Brad has served in executive leadership roles in banking, high tech, international law and engineering design. Before founding Aristotle Partners in 2017, Brad served as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development for Stantec/Bury, a 22,000-person firm headquartered in Edmonton, Canada. Across his 30-year career, Brad has led marketing, corporate development, mergers & acquisitions and leadership development. He has launched five companies including two engineering firms, a software firm, a managed network provider firm and a management consultancy. He has lobbied in Congress for legislation signed into law and been part of 9 transactions in M&A. Brad received a BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University and an MBA in Management from St. Edwards University. He has two kids in college and lives in the Austin, Texas area with his wife, Kelly.


Jackie describes Brad as a true business champion who is willing to take action. Listen as they discuss how the industry variety in his career positioned him to found his current business that is providing creative solutions that many are still learning about. With layoffs impacting today’s economy, Brad’s organization transforms this challenge into an opportunity to educate businesses on the benefits of his services. Brad enjoys giving to others and helping them during times of need. And as the universe would have it, these seeds of goodness flow right back to Brad either in business or unexpected ways!


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