Below Are Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Jackie Lyles’ Sales Story?
Jackie started selling when she was eight years old. She sold more Girl Scout Cookies than any scout in her troop in the San Jacinto District of Texas. Graduating from Texas A&M with a B.S. in Psychology, Jackie started to work at Raytheon and did sales presentations for Enterprise Accounts. She then became the top national sales representative for CPT, selling networks. Her next move was to Major Account Leader for Harris Corporation, where she was named the top sales presenter in the national training program.

While working full-time in sales with an annual $5 million book of business for a distribution company, she went back to college to earn an MBA from University of St. Thomas, graduating with honors. She turned around a failing division of an outsourcing company and helped to save Bank of America $100 Million in six months. The division of the company increased their sales and turned around the loss to add $20 Million in profit. With the encouragement of her family, she started The Hall Group, Inc., now known as the Jackie Lyles Group.

Jackie has developed more than 200 sales courses and created SCALE™, a signature approach for incremental revenue growth with 468 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies such as DuPont, Eaton Products, and Cisco, as well as 1,000s of privately held entrepreneurial companies.

Who has this course worked for in the past?
We have taught the course over the past 10 years and keep refreshing and refining it. It works with sales and marketing teams including executives, account executives, marketing representatives, technical engineers, and inside support. We have written and developed this new virtual course from the proven course we tested and used in the field with over 400 organizations.

What is the most effective way to apply the course?
It depends on how you like to learn. We recommend completing one Module per week, which takes approximately 30 minutes. We have found it easy for learners to play the lesson, and then download and complete the worksheets. Learners are asked to apply one concept, test the idea, and journal about what they have learned in the morning and evening.

How long will I have access to the course materials?
For one year from the registration date of the course.

Is it helpful to go back and review the materials?
Yes, it is helpful to go back into the course and review each module at least twice.

Why are the modules of the course released to me one at a time over 8 weeks?
We have found it is easier for most learners to complete and apply the course material one module per week.

Why are the course materials divided into modules and lessons that are an average of three minutes?
We divided the course into modules and lessons that are an average of three minutes to help the learner. The material is easily accessible and quickly connected to what the learners already know. From our research, we have found this is how adults learn most effectively.


Armed with a B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, Jackie is the bestselling author of two books, Own Your Value and Transformational Growth.

She has developed a massive network of 20,000+ business and community champions from around the world, and knows what it takes to leverage and activate your network and solve seemingly insurmountable organizational and community challenges.