If you are listening to this episode, you manifested this moment into your life as Jackie talks with Olivia Auzenne Young, a master of manifestation. As the founder of The Manifest Codex, Olivia teaches people from all walks of life how to tap into “The Abundance Frequency” – a vibrational state from which all forms of abundance flow. A true practitioner of the art, Olivia specializes in the practice of living an effortlessly abundant lifestyle throughthe application of ancient universal principles.

Olivia’s excitement is contagious! Listen as Jackie and Olivia discuss how she learned power of manifestation at a young age, and she then decided to share her knowledge with others. Olivia’s biggest challenge is convincing others that she is not special; they too have the power to manifest, break negative thought patterns, and apply the principles of the law of attraction. Olivia’s growing edge is remaining consistent in her practice. She also discusses the concept of ‘contrast’ and how this applies to our lives. We hope this episode is a powerful reminder that we each have the power to manifest our deepest desires!

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