In this episode, Jackie talks with Kaitlyn Allen, Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy for ClimeCo. Kaitlyn is an entrepreneur focused on sustainability. She is the founder of two companies and co-founder of a podcast, ESG Decoded, which she calls her business is my creative outlet. Kaitlyn started Mend It, Inc., a fashion sustainability startup seeking retail partnerships and investment.

Jackie and Kaitlyn have strong connections in the podcast space, as Jackie was one of the first guests on ESG Decoded. Listen as Kaitlyn describes how scaling her organization is her current primary business challenge as she strives to maintain the entrepreneurial culture and the ‘soul’ of the company during a time of strong, steady growth. Kaitlyn also reminds us that in business, language is important. She does some myth-busting about ESG by describing the metrics related to this work. Kaitlyn’s sales magic is all in knowing her stuff. She invests time in studying deep and wide related to her subject matter…not just reading headlines. You cannot hide hard work!

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