In this episode, Jackie talks with Katie Noble, Sales Executive for Blackink IT, a Managed Service and Security Provider located in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is responsible for leading company growth, customer acquisition, and ongoing brand development. A Hoosier by heart and by choice, Katie has built a deep network in the place she has always called home. Utilizing a background in political science and experience in Washington D.C., as a former congressional intern, Katie applies what she learned to educate and build relationships with her clients and the community. She is also a distinguished Orr Fellow.

Katie was drawn to this podcast as she admired Jackie as a woman business leader who also gives back to the community. Listen and Jackie and Katie discuss business challenges facing many in the IT industry. There is a consistent need to educate clients and prospects on the hot topics of data privacy and cyber security, and the solutions that Katie’s team is prepared to provide to primarily small and midsize businesses. From an internal perspective, Katie prioritizes expanding her sales team and making time to mentor and coach her employees. Just as important to Katie are her relationships with her clients. She leverages her keen sense of curiosity to understand people and to build trusting relationships.

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