In this episode, Jackie talks with Margo Berman, an award-winning advertising marketer, author, professor, and a Kauffman Faculty Scholar at Florida International University. She invented tactikPAK™, a digital library of learning, in nine topics. This fun, interactive series has whimsical illustrations and little quizzes. Margo created two 6-CD award-winning webinar sets, based on the first book: 1) Street-Smart Advertising and 2) More Street-Smart Advertising. The set won a national AWC Clarion Award for Educational Reference. In addition, she created Mental Peanut Butter Training, and her award-winning website, exudes creativity.

Jackie and Margo worked on a project together, and their combined passion for sales is off the charts! Listen as Margo inspires us to stay the course when experiencing a challenge as it just means that a learning moment is coming. Also, remember not to get in your own way. One of Margo’s biggest challenges will hit home for many…staying organized! She also needs to learn to extend herself grace, and not to be so hard on herself. When it comes to sales, Margo does not hear the word ‘no,’ and couples that with the Rule of Three Yeses. They say the third time is the charm…tune into learn why.

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