In this episode, Jackie talks with Rex Wisehart, founder and CEO of YellowSchmello, a pioneer in the local search marketing business, mostly in the Denver, Colorado market. Rex had a job for nine months once. He did not like it and promised himself he would never have another one. Since then, Rex has been an entrepreneur, writing his own paychecks for fifty-one years. He attempted thirty-eight corporate turnarounds over a 30-year period. Twenty-seven of those succeeded. Among his turnarounds was a sandwich company where you might have lunch today, a world-class speaker (music speakers) company, and completing the world’s first renewable energy-powered desalination plant. Since 2015 Rex has been a full-time salesperson. He recently shifted focus from selling timely, targeted, closable sales leads in many markets to a more focused approach. He is now targeting only home services companies (HVAC, electrical, and plumbing) leads using the same AI and machine learning tool with some modifications. Work aside, Rex is a pretty serious bicycle rider: over filling his garage with 11 bikes.

Lead generation is a critical component to the any successful sales strategy. Listen as Jackie and Rex talk about an innovative sales tool that may be a ‘missing ingredient’ for many of our podcast listeners. Rex also shares how he is leveraging improvements in technology to break into a new market, and his intention to always have a unique story to share with customers, that is supported by a product or solution.

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