Sales Magic is the new podcast hosted by Jackie Lyles, a champion connector, opportunity maker and scale innovator. Using her proprietary approach, Jackie shares proven techniques to scale your business and transform your sales results, regardless of market conditions.

In this episode, Jackie talks with Regina Eco, Corporate Relations Manager at the Energy & Geoscience Institute of the University of Utah. She is the industrial liaison for corporate and government agencies, where she builds and maintains strong relationships. Before EGI, Regina worked for Dominion Energy Wexpro as a senior petroleum engineer. She is also active with the Women’s Energy Network (WEN) as their Global Program Director. Regina received her BS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and her MBA in Global Energy Management from the University of Houston.

Jackie and Regina connected through their involvement with WEN, and they share a common passion for the mission of that organization. Regina was born to sell! She was surrounded by family members who were in sales, and she started selling at the age of 7…and she was not selling cookies! In the course of her career, Regina pivoted from tech focused roles to corporate relations. The magic to her sales success is her ability to master the ‘why’ for her customers. Why they need her products and services, and their current and future benefits. In Regina’s roles, she considers the corporations and WEN members her clients, and the strength of those interactions serve as fuel for her love for sales.

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