In this episode, Jackie talks with Kimberly Wilson, Managing Director for TLR Search Recruiters, a recruitment firm that she started. Kimberly enjoys helping energy and chemical company hiring managers gain talent market share by bringing strong, diverse talent to their attention and guiding them through any unconscious bias during the search process. Kimberly began her career in retail management, learning about customer service, people, and business. Taking that experience along with her education in psychology and sociology, she set out to help companies attract the best unique talent to align with their initiatives and to help individuals to see potential possibilities in their careers.

The war for talent is a real challenge for many organizations. As a retained search recruiter, Kimberly is on the front lines and navigates the complexities of the recruiting landscape for her clients who rely on her expertise to find diverse, top talent. Her biggest challenge is the longer sales cycle associated with her business as she must balance her clients’ needs for efficiency along with inquisitive candidates who make thoughtful decisions. Kimberly’s magic is her ability to understand how to assess if her client’s needs align with her unique services. She learns the clients’ pain points and how her offerings may be different from those offered by other service providers. Further assessing how her services can be catered to clients’ needs. She is willing to have difficult conversations with her clients. To do this, you not only have to know your product, but you must also be clear on the contrast to others who may offer something similar. Kimberly helps her clients do this.

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